Night Bonnets Are Not Berets or Tams

There is an eerie phenomenon taking place in the streets of Chicago. I see it frequently in my community, “The Black Community”, it is the wearing of sleep bonnets as berets or tams.  As an owner of several sleep bonnets I understand the attractiveness of wearing them. The bonnet is light weight, fits nicely, and most importantly covers and protects your hair.  The sleep bonnet is often silky, frilly, colorful and can be very cute.  Yet, this is not to be considered an outdoor apparel item. (DON’T WEAR SLEEP BONNETS OUTDOORS!!!)

Sleep bonnets are not hats, tams, or berets. Hats, tams, and berets are to be worn as outdoor apparel.  Sleep bonnets are to be worn inside only. That means when you are at home you can rock your sleep bonnet all day long! My lady friends
and sisters everywhere may I kindly ask that in this New Year 2013 that you invest in a hat, tam, or beret to carry out the affairs of your day. That means wear your sleep bonnet inside ONLY!!! Also, wearing a sleep bonnet, hat, tam, or beret is no excuse to not comb your hair!!!

Peace, Love, Understanding and Blessings ♥ Audra


Sleep Bonnets Outside Only!!!