The Force Was With Me. . .T-Force that is!!! (Social Media is Good After All)

Today I believed I had to lose faith in UPS and T-Mobile. But today T-Mobile handled their business through a speedy response to my Tweet! T-Mobile USA passed the issue to T-Force! Bravo T-Force! After spending several hours on the phone, online, at the Chicago Police Department. A mere Tweet saved the day! Social Media is good for something after all!!!

I shared a photo and posted my circumstance and issue.

UPS Drop Box

My Defective Phone was Lost or Stolen at this UPS Drop Box

Immediately like a Jedi Knight Lucinda G came to my rescue and handled everything with some type of Jedi Mind Trick! I blinked and the issue was resolved! I am grateful for her assistance and the ease with which she resolved my issue.

Thanks Lucinda G! May the Force Be With You. . .T-Force that is!!!

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