Audra M. Akins, MATD, ABD

Over the last 15 years I have concentrated my professional interest in the field of learning and development & educational technology integration. I hold an ardent interest in helping people and organizations excel through learning and technology.    Some of my greatest abilities are found in the creation, development and execution of new initiatives that harness technology integration for cost-effective and successful outcomes.  I am known to be a creative and innovative thought generator with exceptional communication skills and considerable relationship building skills that contribute to the creation of a positive organizational culture.  I am commitment to continuous learning, growth, and human performance improvement.

My skills are many as I am a Master leveled prepared Instructional Designer with certifications in Face-to-Face facilitation and moderation techniques and a doctoral candidate in Instructional Technology.  My computer and application knowledge spans the Mac and PC environments including Web 2.0 integrations including Social Networking, Webinar, and Survey Management applications.  I am Blackboard Certified and knowledgeable of Moodle and Lectora learning management and authoring systems.

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