Top 10 Free BaseCamp Alternatives – eLearning Industry

I have used BaseCamp in the past and Microsoft as well.  I am trying FreedCamp for one project and Trello for another as I searched for Free alternatives for project management.  I will let you know my thoughts later.


Top 10 Free BaseCamp Alternatives – eLearning Industry.

Lectora Version 11 – Web and Social Objects

Web and Social Objects.


Provide opportunities for social and informal learning using the Web Objects available in Lectora.


        Embed a Web Window so that you only have tomaintain dynamic content in one place.

        Add an All in One Share button, or individual Twitter,Facebook, and Google+ buttons so that users can easily share links to a page of content.

        Use an RSS Feed to incorporate current topics in yourtitle.

        Create advanced functionality with the HTML Extension.Use it to add your own JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Blended Learning Events

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Often you may find it necessary to host a contained learning event onsite or at an offsite location. These events require much preparation and logistical concerns.  From inception to execution I can help you plan and execute your next event.

This may include:

  • Curriculum Development
    • Problem identification & Needs Assessment
    • Goal and Objective Development
    • Educational Strategies
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Instructional Design
    • Participant Manual Design and Development
    • Learner Manual Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Registration
  • Survey Management

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