The Never Ending Saga of Black Women and Hair

I stumbled across yet another hair discussion on another social media platform in the never ending saga of of beauty culture among Black Women.  This discussion focused around Black people seizing the industry from Koreans. In the last 20 to 25 years Korean merchants have cropped up in predominantly black communities cornering the health and beauty market for hair care products and hair extensions products.

I do however want it to be exceedingly clear that I am not condemning or demeaning anyone who ascribes to a different standard of beauty than my own.  I have personally developed my standard of beauty over time. I have vacillated between straighten hair and natural hair in my adult life.  Emerging with a preference and appreciation for the natural beauty of my unprocessed hair. Note: Unprocessed does not mean unstyled, not coffied.

I do want us to be brutally honest with ourselves of our historical trajectory to processing/straighten our hair and/or bleaching our skin in the Americas. We have to consider that we as a people have always adorned ourselves.  We were the 1st to establish beauty culture and have and continue to set major trends in the Western Beauty and Fashion Industry. I just like to deal with root causes.  I say we should never forget Drs Mamie and Kenneth Clark #WhichDollWillYouChoose


Drs Mamie Kenneth Clark Doll Test

Let us be truthful with our Black selves and love our Black selves more.

I state what I state in Truth and Love.