Scalp Massage

Healthy hair and scalp require massage or scalp manipulation. Since I have Locs I do not brush my hair like I did without locs. I have found this scalp massager to be one of the best gifts I have received recently. 

My very good Godson, Justus gave me a little device that is one of the best things since sliced bread.  It looks like a wiry, tentacled, curved pick. Each wire has a protected bulbed ending that touches your scalp.  

You simply place the bulbed tips to your scalp and move the device around your head, moving it in an up and down fashion. Of course you could use your hands as I have previously done, but this is far better! It gets the blood to circulating and it is soothing.  It is actually also very relaxing and calming to use. 

I have also used if for tension and stress relief. It is a great gadget! Wish I had tought of it myself! 🙂 ♥

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