Early Adopter Beware: 7 Huge First Gen Products

Early Adopter Beware: 7 Huge First Gen Products

Who are you on the Innovation Adoption Life-cycle?

“Early Adopter” is a term coined from the work of Everett Rogers Diffusion of Innovations (2003) 5th ed.  It is included in a breakdown of how the general public responds to the adoption of technological innovations.  You will often see these terms broken across a bell curve and divide to represent the rate of adoption of the new technology innovation.

1. Innovators 2.5%

2. Early Adopters 13.5%

3. Early Majority 34%

4. Late Majority 34% 

5. Laggards 16%

I guess I must admit that I am an “Early Adopter” how about you?  

My New Amazon Basic Bluetooth Keyboard

I just received a new Amazon Basic Bluetooth Keyboard and it is in full effect! (80’s Slang)  It  works extremely well and I am so delighted.  I am typing this note from about 19 and 1/2 inches away with my Phablet on my nightstand and I sitting on the edge of my bed.  So you can compose just about anywhere with this accessory connected. I can take this virtually anywhere to type, write and correspond and finally leave my way too big 17 inch MacBook Pro at home. I am very pleased with this addition to my gadgets. 

Also of note is that it wasn’t very expensive at under forty bucks and that included shipping. I saw other bluetooth keyboards less expensive yet was unfamiliar with the maker and opted for the Amazon product. This keyboard came with 2 AAA batteries and a plastic stand with rubber stops to prevent slipping. You can prop up nearly any device to see the screen while typing. I am sure I will use the stand more than the keyboard.  Yesterday, I used this little nifty stand to watch a movie on Netflix. Very, very, very cool!!! 🙂

As a touch typist I can optimize the usage of my Samsung Note II.  I love that the connectivity was so very simple out of the box. I followed the customary pairing procedure for my device and in seconds I was typing away.

With the keyboard connected I have been able to navigate to the Home page and through the screens to select various applications. Using the Option and Command Keys on the keyboard made these operations a piece of cake. 
I think that this keyboard is just about the size of my friends Mini Apple Wireless Keyboard.  I am sure it cost less! The construction is a sturdy plastic.  The keyboard is less than a footlong at my measurement it is about 10 1/4 of an inches long and at its greatest heighth about 2/4 of an inch high.  I find the keys are very responsive, nearly quiet to the strike, and fit my small and short lady hands just fine!   I say a good buy or gift if you are in the market for a bluetooth wirreless keyboard. 


Check this out on Amazon!


AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard with Mini Travel Stand for iPad, New iPad Mini, iPhone (Black)