Lectora Version 11 – Web and Social Objects

Web and Social Objects.


Provide opportunities for social and informal learning using the Web Objects available in Lectora.


        Embed a Web Window so that you only have tomaintain dynamic content in one place.

        Add an All in One Share button, or individual Twitter,Facebook, and Google+ buttons so that users can easily share links to a page of content.

        Use an RSS Feed to incorporate current topics in yourtitle.

        Create advanced functionality with the HTML Extension.Use it to add your own JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Signage and Violence in Chicago

All of the signage and money in the world will not stop these killings in our neighborhoods.  We who are the people, the neighbors have to change our “Hoods” into “Neighborhoods” where we are neighborly to our fellow man.  It is us that must make a change in our mentality. We must began to love, care and respect one another the foundation of being “Neighborly”. 


Are blacks abandoning Christianity for African faiths?

Add your Anthropologists say these examples of religious syncretism are nothing new. Black slaves, particularly in present-day Haiti, hid their African spiritual practices from slave owners by disguising and incorporating them into the Roman Catholic religion they were often forced to accept. In fact, voodoo orishas, called loas or lwas, were reconfigured to mirror Roman Catholic saints and vice versa. So Papa Legba (a powerful spirit intermediary) became St. Peter, St. Lazarus or St. Anthony. Ayizan (the loa of trade and marketplace) became St. Clare of Assisi. here… (optional)