Memorial Day Mention 1944 to 2014

Memorial Day Mention

According to the story in about 1944 my dad Ovie Akins left Little Rock Arkansas at about the age of 15.


My father Ovie Akins 1944-1948

He falsified his age as 18 and joined the Air Force.  With the hopes of being with The Great Tuskegee Airmen he was on his way.  He didn’t become an Airman. He did get the great opportunity to have his own bike and deliver mail on the post. He learned a lot of things that the City of Little Rock would have never provided. He traveled and learned to be a good soldier, very disciplined. He is always prompt, neat and orderly, and demands that you are the same among other things.  Even in his 80s he continues to rise early and is a stickler for being timely.

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The Never Ending Saga of Black Women and Hair

I stumbled across yet another hair discussion on another social media platform in the never ending saga of of beauty culture among Black Women.  This discussion focused around Black people seizing the industry from Koreans. In the last 20 to 25 years Korean merchants have cropped up in predominantly black communities cornering the health and beauty market for hair care products and hair extensions products.

I do however want it to be exceedingly clear that I am not condemning or demeaning anyone who ascribes to a different standard of beauty than my own.  I have personally developed my standard of beauty over time. I have vacillated between straighten hair and natural hair in my adult life.  Emerging with a preference and appreciation for the natural beauty of my unprocessed hair. Note: Unprocessed does not mean unstyled, not coffied.

I do want us to be brutally honest with ourselves of our historical trajectory to processing/straighten our hair and/or bleaching our skin in the Americas. We have to consider that we as a people have always adorned ourselves.  We were the 1st to establish beauty culture and have and continue to set major trends in the Western Beauty and Fashion Industry. I just like to deal with root causes.  I say we should never forget Drs Mamie and Kenneth Clark #WhichDollWillYouChoose


Drs Mamie Kenneth Clark Doll Test

Let us be truthful with our Black selves and love our Black selves more.

I state what I state in Truth and Love.

Everything AIN’T for everyBody to Wear!!!


It’s that time of year when I must declare that everything AIN’T for everyBody to wear! If you know those shorts are in need of a resort don’t place your port (as in portly) into those sorts of clothing that is pinching, grabbing, wincing, and whining asking the Lawd for binding. If you are constantly pulling, pressing, and prospecting. . .the garment that you are donning is objecting!  Do know that you aren’t finding the type of attention that you want in fact you are blinding and it’s quite alarming!

Therefore, I request that you find clothing that you can fit properly “Ensure All Your Clothes Fit Perfectly“!

Here’s some tips from Women’s Day on fit!

Thank you!

Peace & Blessings!

The Force Was With Me. . .T-Force that is!!! (Social Media is Good After All)

Today I believed I had to lose faith in UPS and T-Mobile. But today T-Mobile handled their business through a speedy response to my Tweet! T-Mobile USA passed the issue to T-Force! Bravo T-Force! After spending several hours on the phone, online, at the Chicago Police Department. A mere Tweet saved the day! Social Media is good for something after all!!!

I shared a photo and posted my circumstance and issue.

UPS Drop Box

My Defective Phone was Lost or Stolen at this UPS Drop Box

Immediately like a Jedi Knight Lucinda G came to my rescue and handled everything with some type of Jedi Mind Trick! I blinked and the issue was resolved! I am grateful for her assistance and the ease with which she resolved my issue.

Thanks Lucinda G! May the Force Be With You. . .T-Force that is!!!

Painful Parody and Sickening Satire – Leslie Jones Never Forget Saartjie Baartman

Never Forget Saartjie Baartman

Never Forget Saartjie Baartman

I didn’t watch Saturday Night Live on Saturday, May 3, 2014.  I often do watch. So I missed the original airing of this piece by Leslie Jones.  Now do know I am not one for the overly foul comedian so there may be some bias in my critic and assessment.  


Leslie Jones’ slave monologue on ‘SNL’ sparks backlash

Leslie Jones’ slave monologue on ‘SNL’ sparks backlash

Nevertheless, here’s the problem with this piece by Leslie! Timing, delivery, and her locus of control. This is what I have termed #PainfulParody and #SickeningSatire. She actually has spoken some truth mixed with a whole lot of falsehood and low self-esteem. Leslie Jones actually raised some points that could and should be considered. Yet when you mix a painful past with parody your outcome will oft-time not be a glowing repartee of funny.  For me she missed the mark.  

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update featuring Leslie Jones

To me it is evident that she began this work from a point of pain. She then grossly delivered it at the wrong place and time. While some of what she said bears consideration how and where she said it reduced any appreciation for facts or truth in this satire.

We as Africans in America, We as Black people, We as the progeny of the stolen and captured Africans brought to the shores of North America must show respect and deference to our ancestors struggle. This skit stopped short of showing any of the aforementioned.

We should never forget the life and suffering of Saratije Baartman for her story is known yet need be more wide spread.  Saratijie Baartman was known as The Venus Hottentot her family was murdered, she was captured and stolen from her homeland.  She was then featured and parade as a animal at the fair throughout several places in Europe.  When she no longer provided a draw for her captures and many abusers she was forced into a life of prostitution where she died.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there so-called scientist of the day took her body and dismembered her and investigated her body for “scientific inquiry” only to place her body once again on display even after her death.  The degradation and humiliation is enough to last for centuries so we need absolutely no more!

Read more on Saartjie Baartman here!

‘Hottentot Venus’ Goes Home

A Life Exposed


Saarti Baartman Saartjie Baartman - Known as The Venus Hottentot

Saarti Baartman
Saartjie Baartman – Known as The Venus Hottentot